Pretreatment/Industrial Coordinator

Pretreatment/Industrial Coordinators oversee the entire pretreatment program for a municipality. They may oversee one or more facilities. A large part of their job is dealing with compliance to regulations, and helping others ensure they are following those regulations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Wastewater treatment processes in general (for the pretreatment systems),
  • federal pretreatment regulations,
  • federal (and state) general and specific pretreatment requirements,
  • federal categorical pre-treatment regulations and requirements,
  • pre-treatment permit process in general,
  • sampling and analytical methods.

Skill in:

  • General analytical processes
  • development and interpretation of regulations,
  • environmental science or engineering.

Ability to:

  • Develop industrial regulations, general prohibition limits, local limits, and maximum organic loading limits for each facility, 
  • review and approve industrial pretreatment permits, 
  • oversee the compliance and inspection of the industrial pretreaters, 
  • develop the hauled-waste requirements, if hauled waste is allowed, 
  • issue non-compliance letters and enforcement actions, 
  • assist the industrial pretreaters with compliance questions/requests, as needed.

Education and Training

A background in science or engineering with an environmental focus is necessary. Although a college degree is usually preferred, sufficient training and relevant experience can compensate for not having a degree.

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