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Work for Water is a place for students and job seekers to find resources on green careers that make a real difference. Developed by the American Water Works Association and the Water Environment Federation, the world’s leading technical experts on drinking water, resource recovery, and water quality, this site is packed with resources to find jobs or prepare for rewarding careers in protecting public health and the environment. The water sector is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to recover and recycle renewable resources like clean water, energy, and fuel to benefit every community and help shape a sustainable future for all. Learn what it takes to work for water and get a great career for a great cause!

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Drinking Water
Treatment Operator

Water treatment plant and system operators manage a system of machines, often through the use of control boards, to transfer or treat water or wastewater.

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Water Resource Recovery
(Wastewater Treatment) Operator

Water resource recovery operators perform a multitude of tasks necessary to ensure that treatment resource recovery go smoothly.

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Water Distribution

Water Distribution Operators ensure the operation, maintenance, construction, and repair of water distribution systems, hydraulic power and pumping systems.

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Mechanics and electricians preserve and create the machinery necessary to treat water and recovery resources.

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Engineers are a broad category of workers who design and implement the industrial processes that make water treatment possible.

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Green Infrastructure

A Green Infrastructure worker can perform a variety of roles such as installer, maintainer, maintenance inspector, or construction inspector.

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Laboratory technicians provide data that determines how well treatment processes are working.

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Pretreatment/ Industrial Coordinator

Pretreatment/Industrial Coordinators oversee the entire pretreatment program for a municipality.

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Utility Manager/ Supervisor

Utility Managers and Supervisors ensure the organization mission is met by driving innovation and effectively leading staff.

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Wastewater Collections Operator

Wastewater Collection Operators ensure wastewater flows safely to the facility for treatment.

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